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'The Gray Man'
It thinks it's "Mission: Impossible" but it's closer to "Fast & Furious." Ryan Gosling plays a hired killer but everyone in the movie is a killer except for a kidnapped kid played by Julia Butters. One action scene after another, "Gray" values energy over clarity so don't expect a story but there's zesty, Elmore Leonard-esque dialogue and it's fun to see good(ish) guy Gosling battle very bad guy Chris Evans. Friday, Netflix

'The Last Movie Stars'
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward get their due as artists in this six-part documentary. But director Ethan Hawke doesn't let his admiration for the couple get in the way of exposing their shortcomings, including Newman's alcoholism and Woodward's professional envy. Much of the series, which features George Clooney and Laura Linney reading excerpts from interviews that Newman tried to destroy, is obsessed with personal movies that said more about the actors' tastes than their box-office instincts. That means more clips from the auto-racing fiasco "Winning" than "The Sting." It's a gutsy, revealing approach. Thursday, HBO Max

'12 Angry Men'
Fans of Theater Latte Da's musical adaptation of this courtroom classic may be tempted to rewatch the 1957 film version starring Henry Fonda. But don't forget the 1954 original that premiered on "Studio One," the anthology series that showcased live, original dramas. To find it, search for "Courtroom Double Feature" in Amazon Prime, where it's unceremoniously paired with 1957's "The Defendant," featuring Steve McQueen as a murder suspect and William Shatner as the brash lawyer who will do anything to save him. Both are shining examples of writer Reginald Rose's work — and the richness of TV's first "golden age." Amazon Prime

'Anything's Possible'
Billy Porter has become an insufferable performer but as a director, he has a surprisingly light touch. His rom-com is a fable about a trans girl's (Eva Reign) only-slightly-tricky pursuit of first love, with lots of support from her pals and mom (Renée Elise Goldsberry, in a wild swerve from the narcissist she plays on "Girls 5eva"). Bright and fun, it also showcases some of Pittsburgh's prettiest spots, including its arboretum and funicular. Amazon Prime

'Hart to Heart'
At times, interviewer Kevin Hart seems more focused on the free-flowing wine than his guests. But the comedian still wrangles revealing thoughts out of his famous friends. In the first new episodes from the second season, Pete Davidson analyzes Tom Cruise's performance in "Tropic Thunder" and Jay-Z manages to be fascinating without ever mentioning Beyonce. Hart is far from being a traditional journalist but it's hard to argue with intoxicating results. Peacock