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Ross Levin is founding principal and president of Accredited Investors Inc., Edina, a fee-only wealth management firm. His Gains and Losses column runs on the fourth Sunday of the month. A compilation of these columns can be found in his book, "Spend Your Life Wisely." Send emails to

In times like these, it's a sound financial strategy stick to little things

Here are some that you can do that may buy you some time until things eventually stabilize.

Fighting those impulse buys during pandemic can add up to deals later

You may have heard about the marshmallow test, a social science test created in the 1970s by Walter Mischel. Put a marshmallow in front of…

Want to get back into the stock market? Here's one way to do it

Aggregate data reveal that almost a trillion dollars has moved into money-market funds this year between February and May. And as we know, the market…

Looking to buy or sell a home? Here are 10 things you need to understand

The actual value is the price one person is willing to pay for it at a particular point in time.

We don't know when this will end, so we must deal with the now normal

Let’s say there is a 90% chance that social distancing has smoothed things over until we find a cure for COVID-19. There is a 90%…

To improve your resilience, take time to improve your supply chain

Only three things can get you through work stoppages — government support, your ability to borrow, and your personal savings

Scarcity is playing a big role in our lives right now. Here's how.

Scarcity creates this tunneling effect where we are laser-focused on only one thing.

Our opinions often guide our investments, and that can be costly

When an opinion leads to strategy decisions, how can you reduce the expense of the mistake?

To chart your next move in financial markets, think 'here,' not 'there'

There are many models outlining what could happen, although models are not maps. We don't really know how much better or worse things will be.

Market panic is a virus we can contain

Before you quarantine your investments, let's examine what is going on.