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'Ricky Gervais: SuperNature'
It's been so long since the British comic incinerated the elite at the Golden Globes that you might have assumed he's gone soft. This stand-up special proves that's not the case. Following his pussycat sitcom "After Life," he's back in attack-dog mode, taking on the trans community, overweight people and even disabled toddlers. "I'm like Rosa Parks, except I fought for the right not to take the bus," he quips in one of his tamest bits. It's almost like he's daring the woke police to make an arrest. There's already been plenty of outcry about the performance, but even the most politically correct viewers may find themselves in stitches; they just won't tell anyone about it. Netflix

'Hollywood Stargirl'
One of those fantasy-with-a-few-setbacks comedies that the Disney Channel specializes in, "Stargirl" is an excellent showcase for the talents of actor/singer Olivia VanderWaal, who suggests a less angsty version of that other Disney-affiliated Olivia — Rodrigo. She plays a high school senior whose move to Hollywood introduces her to some filmmaking neighbors and a reclusive '90s folk singer (Uma Thurman). Judy Greer, Chris Williams and Judd Hirsch are in the fine supporting cast. Disney Plus

'This Is Going to Hurt'
Those who want their hospital dramas to focus more on medicine than messing around should make an appointment with this British series. Ben Whishaw, who looks young enough to pass as Doogie Howser, plays Adam Kay, a junior doctor who badly needs a nap. There are a few too many precious moments — Kay routinely unloads his sorrows to a premature baby — but after spending a few rounds with him, you'll forgive him for going a little nuts. Thursday, AMC+, Sundance Now
'Common Threads: Stories From the Quilt'
One way to mark Pride Month is to take a look back. The LGBTQ community has been well served by documentaries such as "The Times of Harvey Milk," "Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter" and "Portrait of Jason." This Oscar-winning tear-jerker, which tells the stories of a few of the people remembered in the mammoth AIDS Memorial Quilt, has been difficult to see in recent years but is now streaming. You'll need handkerchiefs. Criterion Channel

'Something Wild'
Ray Liotta's unexpected death last week has a lot of movie fans recalling his unforgettable performance as Henry Hill in "GoodFellas." But don't forget about this 1986 Jonathan Demme gem that put Liotta on our radar. His character, Ray Sinclair, doesn't pop up until about halfway through the film. When he does, a chill goes down your spine. It's something special. Various streaming services including Pluto and Tubi