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Richard Chin is a feature reporter with the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. He has been a longtime Twin Cities-based journalist who has covered crime, courts, transportation, outdoor recreation and human interest stories.

As a feature reporter, Richard Chin has flown on the Goodyear Blimp, driven the Wienermobile, sunk to the bottom of a lake in a one-man submarine, worn a giant urine specimen cup costume as a mascot for a health care company, rode a vintage Puch at the Sturgis of mopeds and was mistakenly arrested by police hunting for a serial killer. He also spent six weeks in Baghdad during the Iraq war and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Who will take care of Fido when you're gone? Minnesotans put trust in trusts

In addition to writing wills, Minnesotans are now setting up trusts to care for pets ranging from dogs and horses to parrots and raccoons.

COVID-19 pandemic has more people writing their wills

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Daniel Novak Jr., who photographed everything from war to weddings, dies at age 96

When he got back to the Twin Cities, he started the Novak Photo Studio on Broadway in Minneapolis in addition to owning a studio on Nicollet Mall.

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Dayton mayor pleads guilty to mishandling of festival funds

Tim McNeil was charged with felony theft by swindle, but he says he forgot to file paperwork.

5 more die of virus in state; hospitalizations decline

Sunday's numbers showed 519 new cases in Minnesota. Residents of long-term care and assisted-living facilities accounted for all of the newly announced deaths.