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[UPDATE: After Record Store's delay in April, this collection is now due to arrive for the second installment of the three monthly RSD makeup dates on Sept. 26.]

A live recording of the late-era Replacements that was originally released as a six-song promo CD in 1989 -- and then featured as part of last year’s box set “Dead Man’s Pop” -- will now be available as a three-LP vinyl collection on Record Store Day 2020.

Titled “The Complete Inconcerated Live,” the three-LP set will be first issued as a 140-gram black vinyl edition featuring 29 tracks for RSD, which lands on April 18 this year.

The original “Inconcerated Live” CD only featured six songs and was sent to radio stations to help promote “Achin’ to Be,” the second single off the Minneapolis band’s second and most heavily hyped album for Sire Records, “Don’t Tell a Soul.”

All the various editions were taken from a July 2, 1989, gig at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s ballroom – recorded by the label using a tip-top mobile recording unit, and not by some bozo with a Sony Walkman hidden in his beer-soaked flannel sleeve like so many Replacements live “recordings” widely circulated among the group’s nutty fan base.

Like the “Live at Maxwell’s” two-LP set issued back in 2017 from a 1986 gig, the full “Inconcerated” collection catches the erratic band on one of its more focused and fiery nights. It could eventually rank among the most essential 'Mats collections. Fans who balked at the price and the bulk of the outtakes-led “Dead Man’s Pop” collection should seriously consider this a worthy second option.

Read more about the concert recording in our write-up last year on "Dead Man's Pop." Here are a couple of the tracks culled the "Inconcerated" set.