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Reader Elliott F. writes in with this:

Rubio needs a nickname and you have a perfect medium to get it out to the public. If you introduce it to the masses on Randball, you/the Strib would have the creative rights in case it sticks, and obviously make the paper millions if not billions of dollars (right?). I think 'Rubioshow' is pretty sweet. Let me know what you think.

It's funny because we were thinking about Rubio nicknames this morning. For some reason, we favor calling him "Vitamin R," but that might be more useful in his current role off the bench. Rubioshow is solid, but that might not be the final landing spot. So we invite you, readers, to help brainstorm this pressing subject.

Also pertaining to Rubio: This might be an isolated incident, Anthony Randolph, but when you have the chance to let Ricky Rubio lead a fast break or carry the ball up the floor yourself, please always choose the former option. Not that a semi-contested three-point attempt from Wayne Ellington isn't the desired option when you run, but ... roll video: