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Eruption threat for Blue Lagoon area

Iceland is bracing for a possible volcanic eruption. Since late October, tens of thousands of earthquakes have been reported in the Reykjanes Peninsula. On Tuesday, the country's weather service warned that there was a "significant likelihood of a volcanic eruption in the coming days." The increased seismic activity and the formation of a 9-mile underground river of magma have led authorities to declare a state of emergency and to evacuate the small fishing town of Grindavik. The popular geothermal spa the Blue Lagoon temporarily closed as a precaution and because of the disruption caused by the many earthquakes. On Tuesday, the closing was extended to Nov. 30.

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Prebook your holiday Lyft

Ride-sharing companies are likely to face peak demand during the holiday period. Travel time to reach the airport can also increase. As of Nov. 9, Lyft is extending an "on-time pickup promise" for reserved rides in most major markets. This guarantees the driver will arrive within 10 minutes of your chosen pickup time. If the driver fails to show up inside those 10 minutes, you'll receive a $20 Lyft credit. That goes up to $50 if you're not matched with a driver within 10 minutes after your scheduled pickup time. If you have to resort to another service — say, a taxi or an Uber — Lyft says it will credit the user another $50, for a maximum payout of $100.

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Jamaica 'nanny'

There's nothing like an afternoon of splashing in the surf, swishing down a 100-foot waterslide and building sandcastles to wear out an active youngster. At the FDR Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, once Junior goes down, a Vacation Nanny is available to sit by his or her side, while you enjoy an afternoon of golf, scuba diving or exploring by kayak. Check in to this all-inclusive seaside getaway, and meet your CPR-trained Vacation Nanny who will assist your family in having the most relaxing time possible. Trained in child care and housekeeping, this professional staff member's goal is to fill in where needed, whether by looking after youngsters in the pool, or making sure the kids' favorite snacks are on hand (

Sweden isn't Switzerland

According to a recent press release from Visit Sweden, there were 85,000 web searches from the United States over the previous year asking the question "Are Sweden and Switzerland the same thing?" Definitely not the same thing, people. Both countries are famed for their natural beauty, political neutrality and winter sports. But Sweden is sick and tired of being mixed up with Switzerland. In a widely shared video from Visit Sweden, a Swedish representative tells you, among other things, that Switzerland is the place for banks, while the Swedish coast is the spot for sandbanks. Sweden offers peace and quiet, while Switzerland is overrun with incessant yodelers. Find the video at