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Patrick Reusse is a sports columnist who writes three columns per week. Write to Patrick by e-mailing and including his name in the subject line.

Reusse: Via Burnsville and U, Martin starts making Packers highlights

Knee injuries have hampered Kamal Martin in his progression from high school to the pros. But his debut last weekend impressed Packers coach Matt LaFleur.

Reusse: An appreciation for Gladden, creator of blast and bloop bookends

While he waits for baseball's return, Dan Gladden recalls triumphs from World Series past: the slam, the double and some good baseball stories three decades later.

Sid Hartman was networking before anybody coined the term

He was a dynamo of networking several decades before anyone used the term to describe buddying up to people who might assist in a chosen field, Patrick Reusse says.

Legendary columnist Sid Hartman dies at 100

Sid Hartman created a rags-to-riches story unlike any his hometown has seen, working his way from the very bottom of the newspaper industry to becoming one of the most influential members in his profession.

Reusse: Fleck, Gophers fired up for Michigan (writes new senior scribe)

Certain obligations are placed on a sportswriter when he becomes the senior scribe in the Twin Cities, like knowing Fleck and his Gophers will be more than ready for Michigan.

Reusse: Chad Hartman remembers his father as a Dad, a Grandpa – and also as 'Sid!'

Twin Cities talk-show host Chad Hartman saw his famous father in ways that other people could never experience. Telling stories during a late-night phone call with Patrick Reusse this week brought on memories and some laughs.

Reusse: All I want for my 75th birthday is these three into the Twins Hall of Fame

The Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame, started with their 40th season in 2000, never can be a satisfying look at the franchise's history as long as three glaring omissions remain from the 1960s.

Reusse: Resting was not an option for Sid; that's what made him great

Rest in Peace for Sid Hartman? That's not a message of compassion for Sid. That's an insult. Sid lived by hurrying up and not waiting.

Reusse: Sundin's fate was ERA of infinity; his batterymate had it worse

Three Minnesota natives — Fred Bruckbauer, Doc Hamann and Gordie Sundin — are among 16 big-league pitchers with ERAs listed as infinity (no outs recorded, runs allowed). But there are greater tragedies.

Reusse: For Bob McDonald, basketball took players from 'diapers to death'

The legendary 87-year-old coach from Chisholm, who died Wednesday after contracting COVID-19, turned an Iron Range community in hockey country into a basketball hotbed for more than a half-century.