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Reusse: Now we have clarity on why Stollings had detractors at the U

Marlene Stollings was 24-9 in 2017-18 as coach for the Gophers, yet athletic director Mark Coyle was quick to make no counteroffer when Stollings informed she had a better deal on the table. Now we know why.

Reusse: Questions plentiful for Johnnies standout center Neumann

A longer spring football season likely would force Nick Neumann to sit out, but there would be that game against St. Thomas he'd have to miss.

Reusse: Tennis? With no volleyball, Glencoe-Silver Lake's Monahan may try

Miah Monahan will be a Glencoe-Silver Lake senior, and in May accepted a scholarship to play guard for Eastern Illinois. She also plays volleyball but with that sport delayed until spring there could be a new challenge.

Reusse: Bowling team had to clear way for Vikings to land their name

The original Vikings were a bowling team about to land a franchise in the National Bowling League, a new concept in kegling and planning to start competition in October 1961.

Reusse: Regional networks get their night baseball, defy pandemic

If this 60-game schedule is to be completed, the Twins will occupy nine out-of-town hotels and move in and out 11 visiting clubhouses. Why so much moving around and no bubble? Money.

Reusse: For Buxton, the mind is willing, but the luck isn't

A great coach once said: "An athlete is someone who can do what his mind tells him to do.'' The mind rarely asked too much of Byron Buxton as an athlete. The body has been another matter.

Reusse: Young genius. Twins appear to have scored with Derek Falvey

Falvey was a little-known 33-year-old member of the Cleveland front office when the Twins hired him in 2016 to head their baseball operation amid much skepticism.

Noel Jenke, a three-sport athlete for the Gophers in late 1960s, dies at 73

Jenke was a hard-hitting linebacker and potent lefthanded hitter in baseball. Remarkably, he played Gophers hockey after arriving from a high school without a hockey program.

MIAC to move several fall sports, including football, to the spring

Some coaches and athletes have been told that football, volleyball and soccer are among the sports that will switched from this fall to the spring if the NCAA and public health officials allows it.

Rosario's way: Swing first, ask questions later

Twins coaches want Eddie Rosario to take a more patient approach at the plate, without trying to curb his "magic hands" and aggressiveness. Rosario says he has a plan but is trying to heed that advice.