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Reusse: Gophers' Anderson expects pro baseball changes will boost college game

The shrinking of the minor leagues should result in more talent staying in school.

Reusse: Beebe an unrefined punt returner who gained redemption with Vikings

Most redemption stories, in sports or life, take a bit longer than Chad Beebe's in the Vikings' 28-27 victory over Carolina on Sunday.

Reusse: Logic takes vacation as Beasley rewarded, Rosario rejected

Overall, Wednesday was a day that reinforced this for Minnesotans: Life isn't fair, even in the lucrative world of professional sports.

Reusse: The tale of Shorty, Fast Eddie and putting for quarters — lots of them

The old time 'WPA' characters of Theodore Wirth golf course refined their short games in calculating ways.

Reusse: Going Division I all about planning for Caruso at St. Thomas

The move from Division III was going to be a big test for St. Thomas football coach Glenn Caruso under any circumstance, and a major test of his organizational skills.

Patrick Reusse's Turkey of the Year was done. Then 2020 happened ...

The annual tradition started in 1978 lives on after reports of its demise last November.

Reusse: Gophers football ace McNamara was a friend of tennis

Late football legend Bob McNamara turned to court sports — tennis, handball, racquetball — after his career was over. He became an ardent booster of the Gophers men's tennis team, as well as football.

Reusse: Timberwolves order up a second helping of Rickymania

The biggest news of NBA draft night for "casual" Wolves followers came soon after Minnesota made the pick at No. 1 overall: Ricky Rubio, just turned 30, was coming back

Reusse: Tragedy, not Canton, became the fate of former Chiefs star lineman Tyrer

Opponents and teammates agree that mountainous Kansas City left tackle Jim Tyrer would've been a Hall of Famer by acclamation, other than for the tragedy of Sept. 15, 1980.

Tragedies in Kansas City Chiefs history

Tragic history The Kansas City Chiefs have endured tragedy since their inception: Sept. 8, 1963: Stone Johnson, 23, an Olympic sprinter signed by Chiefs, suffered…