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Movie buffs, take note: soon it may be legal to wear hats to the theater in Minneapolis.

Wednesday, a City Council committee will consider a recommendation from Council Member Andrew Johnson to repeal an ordinance that prohibits theater-goers from "wearing any headgear or conducting (themselves) in a manner which interferes unreasonably with the view or enjoyment of another person of the stage or screen or place of activity."

A report prepared for the council meeting says the ordinance has not been enforced "in modern times," but adds that doing away with the long-forgotten rule fits in line with a broader overhaul of the city's business laws.

In his first year and a half in office, Johnson has been on a mission to weed outdated ordinances out of the city code. Among the subjects he's tackled so far: animal shelter policies and backyard chicken coops, to the regulation of secondhand shops, and licensing for jukeboxes and ice peddlers.

The council's most high-profile ordinance changes this year involved getting rid of two laws that criminalized lurking and spitting.

The full council will likely vote on the hats-in-theaters issue at its first meeting in August.