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A guy can pout and whine his way out of Minnesota, then find success and a massive contract elsewhere, but at the end of the day sometimes that same guy just wants some funnel cakes.

Just ask Stefon Diggs.

And it appears enough time has passed — more than two years — that Diggs doesn't feel the need to mask his love of the Great Minnesota Get Together.

To be honest, I didn't have "Stefon Diggs randomly praises the State Fair" on my radar of potential outcomes for this Tuesday, but to also be honest: he's not wrong.

With the fair right around the corner starting next week, maybe Diggs can swing by?

Of course, most Vikings fans have moved on from Diggs in large part because his replacement, Justin Jefferson, has been just as good (if not better).

To keep his lofty standing, though, Jefferson might need to name his five favorite stores at Mall of America or list his favorite Minnesota lakes.