Gophers Basketball
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'Only Murders in the Building'
The greatest joy in this show's first season came from Steve Martin and Martin Short busting each other's chops like old vaudeville partners. There's not nearly enough of that interplay this time around as the pair, along with a perfectly deadpan Selena Gomez, find themselves being fingered for yet another murder. In place of the ribbing is a slew of cameos from stars like Shirley MacLaine, making the most of a scene in which she tries to eat a block of cheese. The real mystery is why those appearances are so brief. Lands Tuesday, Hulu

Like "Hustle," this is the inspiring story of a basketball star's triumph against the odds. However, "Rise" is less gritty and more family-friendly. It's about a Greek-Nigerian family that battles civil violence, administrative indifference and immigration issues (including an official who thinks they don't know how to spell their own name) but still produces an improbable three NBA players, including two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. The narrative occasionally creaks but the story is a sweet one. Debuts Friday, Disney Plus

"J. Lo gets political" is the general idea behind this documentary, which aims to do for Jennifer Lopez's image what a series of carefully crafted films have done for Beyonce's. She reveals just as much as she wants — and that's not a lot. But behind-the-scenes footage at events such as the Toronto Film Festival, a gargantuan family Thanksgiving and the 2020 Super Bowl are intriguing. Netflix

'Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe'
The '90s icons have not suddenly wised up or grown up. Still teenagers, they continue to fantasize inappropriately and behave like jerks, beginning at a science fair and ending up at the Mir Space Station. There are a few laughs along the way (their misunderstanding of "white privilege" is clever) but almost all of the boys' jokes feel like they came from 1995 and should have stayed there. For fans only. Debuts Thursday, Paramount Plus

'Jerry and Marge Go Large'
"I've waited 40 years to have you to myself and so far we kind of suck at it," Marge (Annette Bening) tells husband Jerry (Bryan Cranston) in this mildly satiric comedy. Then, they get better at it. Reminiscent of Jane Fonda's "Fun With Dick and Jane," "Large" features a couple who turn to shady activities in a time of recession. The retirees work a lottery scheme, which they share with retired friends. The inspired-by-a-true-story comedy is more droll than funny but the stars are terrific together and there's a gentle reminder that our economy is stacked against older people. Paramount Plus