David Steeves

Steeves, David 1990 - 2020 David arrived in the world three months early and he left the world far too early at age 30. The words he consistently said in his life were "Hi", "Happy", "Mom", and "Up". Those words sum up his personality. He loved athletics and started horseback riding at River Valley Riders, a therapeutic riding program. His horseback riding sparked an interest in his older sister Anne and subsequently she became quite a horse woman and David became an avid horse show cheerleader. He also loved skiing with his buddy Bob, and a big tumble on the slopes was cause to be "happy" even if there was a scrape. He was always "up" for a walk, and "up" for a boat ride at the cabin, because "no" was not part of his vocabulary. Holidays were "happy" occasions for him and included active participation. Carving pumpkins at Halloween meant joyfully wearing the pumpkin seeds on his face. Easter, his fingers were dipped in the dye so each hand was a rainbow. Birthdays meant funny hats, bows around his neck and wrists and listening to the birthday song, this year sung remotely. Christmas was when David and his Mom and Sister had the tradition of building a gingerbread house. David's job, as he saw it, was to deconstruct the house while they built it and ultimately he was decorated himself with frosting and candies. All reasons to be "happy". He was also a greeter, anyone who arrived was given a "Hi", and if you were extra special, multiple "Hi's", in an outdoor voice. He threw kisses to show his approval and this was especially true with music. He had a huge smile and deep laugh which was contagious. He loved his Auntie Wendy, brother and family Chad, Cathee, and Aidan, and all his teachers and caregivers over the years. His mother Jill, and his sister Anne were devoted to him and devoted their lives to him. He will be greatly missed by them and all the many people he has touched in his life. He was a bright light on this earth. David and his father Jim are together again. Memorials can be made to River Valley Riders. Bradshaw bradshawfuneral.com 651-439-5511