Chris Riemenschneider
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Performing at Icehouse in Minneapolis was one thing. Next Thursday, members of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra will boldly go where perhaps no violist has ever gone before: the Turf Club. Yes, that Turf Club, the one with Old Style on tap and velvet clown artwork in the basement.

Thursday’s performance of Mendelssohn’s Octet for Strings may be the most sophisticated music written by a 16-year-old played at the Turf Club since the Plastic Constellations were regulars. The gig (7 p.m., $20) is part of the “SPCO at ... ” series, bringing chamber music to the places where classical music’s elusive under-40 audiences already like to go.

“We want to remove the barrier that some people feel going to a fancy concert hall or church,” explained SPCO marketing manager Stephen Sokolouski, who was quick to add that the barrier isn’t felt on both sides: “The musicians are excited about playing there,” he claimed.

They should be. It’s an excellent-sounding music room with a lot of history and (luckily in this case) upgraded bathrooms. Thursday’s gig follows a prior “SPCO at ... ” concert at Icehouse, where the series will continue with a performance of Wynton Marsalis’ “At the Octoroon Balls” on Nov. 9.

Random mix

Woe to any local music fan who hasn’t experienced the hard-blasting power of the Blind Shake yet, but none of us have experienced the Blind Shake the way they sound on their new album, “Celebrate Your Worth.” Brothers Mike and Jim Blaha slow-cooked and retoned their dueling guitars into more psychedelic, Stooges-like territory and sometimes Cramps-style surf-punk, to great effect. Alas, their release party Saturday at 7th Street Entry with Fury Things and Tongue Party will be the Blahas’ last show with cousin Dave Roper on drums (9 p.m., $10). …

After the Chanhassen City Council’s rezoning approval Monday, Paisley Park is now offering tours through the end of the year (OfficialPaisley … Word from St. Paul city staff is that the Palace Theatre is still on track for at least a soft preview opening by the end of the year to mark its 100th anniversary, and then First Ave staff will begin announcing shows there early next year.

About the furthest thing from a chamber ensemble, ’90s favorites Arcwelder return to the Turf Club on Saturday (8:30 p.m., $10). Their opening band, Ringout!, featuring former Monuments of Leisure members, just issued a mighty debut album with sleazy guitars but catchy hooks. … A good chance to catch two new and buzzing local rap acts: St. Paul’s Why Kaliq, who recently earned a 7.8 rating from Pitchfork, and high-wired Minneapolis duo Nazeem & Spencer Joles open for New Jersey rapper Russ for Go 95.3’s Halloween promo show at the Fine Line on Monday (8 p.m., $20-$30). … Hottest Halloween gig this year: The Okee Dokee Brothers’ two costume parties Saturday at the Cedar, which have been sold out since around Labor Day.