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Toby Cohen and Jonathan Neman booked a rental home in the Hamptons for two weeks beginning on Aug. 22, to the tune of $10,000. On Sept. 15, they filed a lawsuit, saying the home, owned by Agnese Melbarde and Edouard Gass, was "uninhabitable." Why? Because the thermostat had been set to "a minimum temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and then locked," The Daily Beast reported. The plaintiffs and their families, who wanted the A/C set at 68 degrees, were "forced to endure continuous discomfort for the duration" of their holiday, which ruined it for them. When they complained to the owners, they said, they were told to "suck it up and deal." The suit asks for a full refund of their rental fee and "any further relief this Court deems just and proper."

Missing organ

Ranjita Kundu of Kodameta, India, has accused her husband of stealing and selling one of her kidneys, Oddity Central reported. Kundu recently discovered after visiting the doctor that she has only one kidney; she believes that when she was treated for kidney stones four years ago, her husband secretly arranged for one of her kidneys to be removed and sold on the black market. "I was unaware of the whole incident," she said. Kundu and her husband were married for 12 years before he took off with another woman eight months ago. Police have taken him into custody and are investigating.

They were only 3,000 miles off

The NFL's recently renamed Washington Commanders are, understandably, trying to drum up excitement for their new brand, but one effort went wrong, Yahoo! Sports reported. On the opening day of their season, an official gear truck parked outside the stadium, which is in Maryland, featured a mug with a "W" on it and a silhouette of Washington state in the background. Of course, the Commanders' Washington is the District of Columbia version. The mugs were removed from the inventory.

Hopping mad

In a major "oops," workers for the city of Philadelphia erroneously chopped down tens of thousands of dollars' worth of hops that belonged to the Philadelphia Brewing Co., Fox29-TV reported. "Despite our clear signage and fenced-off area," the company wrote on its Instagram page, "the city ... took it upon themselves to completely destroy our hop garden." A spokesperson for the city said the incident was the result of "miscommunication and staff error" and "it appeared the lot was overgrown."

Act like you're lost

The Summit County (Colorado) Rescue Group was in a helicopter on Sept. 7 looking for a lost hunter, KCNC-TV reported, when they spotted a man waving slowly and casually. "The pilot said, 'He's saying hi, he doesn't seem to be in distress,'" explained the group's Anna Debattiste, So they left. In fact, it was the missing hunter, and in a classic case of blame-the-victim, Debattiste said he should have waved more aggressively or waved "a brightly colored piece of clothing." Fortunately for the lost hunter, the crew had second thoughts and went back to retrieve the man, who was cold and dehydrated but otherwise unharmed.

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