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High school seniors in Fort Meade, Md., listed their school building on Zillow as a graduation prank, United Press International reported. The asking price tor the 12,000-square-foot school was a bargain-basement $42,069. The listing was removed several hours after appearing. School officials conceded that the joke was "incredibly creative" and have no plans to discipline the pranksters, but they did take issue with the price. "We are stunned that the listers so vastly underestimated the value of this prime real estate with such amazing amenities," said Bob Mosier, spokesperson for the Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Government in action

A food inspector in India, Rajesh Vishwas, lost more than his phone on May 21, NBC News reported. While snapping a vacation selfie at Kherkatta Dam, Vishwas dropped his phone into the water. It contained sensitive governmental information, so he ordered the reservoir to be drained. Vishwas said he got permission from R.C. Dhivar, a local water resources official, but Dhivar argued that he'd given permission to drain only up to 4 feet of water. Instead, "They had emptied the water up to 10 feet." It took three days to drain the 530,000 gallons of water, but in the end, it was all for naught: Vishwas' phone was unusable. As was he: He was suspended from his job pending an investigation.

Flipping his wig

New York City attorney Anthony Orlich is tearing his hair out in the wake of an incident in late May, the New York Post reported. Orlich allegedly snatched the wig off the head of singer Lizzy Ashleigh while walking along a city street at night. Ashleigh captured the aftermath on her cellphone and posted a video to TikTok, where it garnered hundreds of thousands of views. In the video, Ashleigh yells at Orlich: "Sir! For what reason did you take my wig off?" Orlich refused to apologize, even with his friends encouraging him to. Ashleigh said she plans to take legal action, but Orlich already is in trouble: He's been fired by his firm.

When pigs fly

As Lars Gradel, Rebecca Zajac and her son, Colton, drove along the interstate near Las Vegas on May 25, they saw a baby pig fly out of a truck. "He tumbled about 10, 15 times down the side of the freeway," Gradel told KVVU-TV. They stopped to rescue the pig, which didn't seem to be hurt. "Lucky," as he was named, was given a new home at the All Friends Animal Sanctuary. "Now Lucky's going to be wallowing in mud and rooting around in the ground and ... eating watermelon and popsicles in the summer," said sanctuary founder Tara Pike.


Canadian Delaney Irving, 19, won a cheese-rolling contest May 28 in Gloucester, England: "It feels great!" That's in spite of the fact that she doesn't remember the end of the race after being knocked unconscious when she fell and hit her head, the Guardian reported. "I still don't really believe it," she said. The contest involves rolling a 7-pound wheel of cheese down a steep hill, and Irving wasn't the only contestant to lose their footing.

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