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The Times of India reports that Soni Devi, 20, of Vaishali district, petitioned the state women's commission on Jan. 9 for divorce from her husband of two years, Manish Ram, 23, complaining, "My husband stinks as he won't shave and bathe for nearly 10 days at a stretch. Moreover, he doesn't brush his teeth. He also doesn't have manners and follow etiquette. ... Kindly get me rid of this man; he has ruined my life." Commission member Pratima Sinha told the Times, "I was taken aback by her silly reasons," but nonetheless, the commission will give the husband "two months' time to mend his ways. If his behavior is not found satisfactory even after that, we will ... refer the matter to the family court for separation." Manish reportedly promised to mend his ways.


Sauntore Thomas, 44, of Detroit, presented three checks at his bank on Jan. 21 that he had received as settlement in a race discrimination lawsuit against his former employer, according to the Detroit Free Press. Instead of accepting the checks, TCF Bank in Livonia, where Thomas was an established customer, summoned police and initiated a fraud investigation. Thomas' attorney, Deborah Gordon, told the Free Press, "Obviously, assumptions were made the minute he walked in based on his race." Thomas finally closed his existing accounts, left the bank and deposited the checks at a different bank without any trouble. The next day, Thomas filed a lawsuit against TCF Bank alleging race discrimination and asking for unspecified damages and an apology from the company.


The moral of this story: Don't hog the bacon. Gregory Seipel, 47, of Ludlow Falls, Ohio, was arrested on Jan. 30 after being accused of attacking a man with a knife during an argument over bacon, WHIO-TV reported. The unnamed victim told Miami County Sheriff's officers he had made bacon that morning for breakfast, and Seipel took issue with the amount he had eaten. The argument escalated until Seipel allegedly grabbed the victim by the back of the head and held a razor blade to his neck, cutting him. Seipel was charged with felonious assault and was held on $50,000 bond.

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Ottawa, Ontario, businessman Bruce McConville, 55, who ran for mayor in the last election with a tough-on-crime platform, has gone to great lengths to avoid paying his ex-wife the spousal and child support he was ordered by the court to provide. The Ottawa Citizen reports McConville has long defied several court orders involving his finances, finally telling Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips he withdrew over $1 million (Canadian) from six bank accounts, but he no longer had the cash. "I burnt it," he told the incredulous judge, who replied, "I don't believe you, I don't trust you, I don't think you're honest," and on Jan. 28 sentenced McConville to 30 days in jail, after which he'll face penalties of $2,000 for each day he fails to provide a full account of his finances, including where the $1 million-plus in cash is. The fines will be paid directly to his ex-wife. "You cannot thumb your nose at the court as you have done," Phillips warned.

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