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'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds'
Die-hard Trekkies will have plenty to dissect in this latest edition of the franchise, starting with the fact that it takes place just 10 years before James T. Kirk took over the Enterprise, with younger versions of Spock and Uhura already on board. But you don't have to know Klingon to enjoy the new series. Like the original, each episode stands alone with missions that serve as analogies to modern-day problems, such as racism, addiction and the threat of nuclear war. It's not the most ambitious of the "Trek" series but it's a more welcoming ride. Debuts Thursday, Paramount Plus

Anyone worried that this sitcom would be a one-season wonder will be relieved by this batch of new episodes that find TV's most lovable girl group stepping back into the recording studio. Creator Meredith Scardino, a former "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" writer, keeps the jokes coming at a fast and furious pace, as her mentor, Tina Fey, taught her. Jeff Richmond (Fey's husband) continues to be the show's secret weapon, contributing new songs with lyrics that would make Spinal Tap green with envy. Thursday, Peacock

'Our Father'
The opening titles of this documentary warn us that some scenes are re-creations and that's the problem. The story is a stunner — using DNA services, a group of small-town Indiana residents realize a doctor at the fertility clinic that their mothers used impregnated them with his sperm, rather than donors'. Eventually, there are almost 100 of them and the story also encompasses white supremacy, religious extremism and government fraud. But, with an (over-) actor playing the doctor and the offspring sometimes asked to re-create their emotions in re-enactments, there's no way to know what is truth and what is fiction. Netflix

'Meltdown: Three Mile Island'
The press offered breathless coverage of the 1979 nuclear-plant accident near Harrisburg, Pa., which mirrored the plot of the film "The China Syndrome" that had hit theaters just two weeks earlier. But this four-part series is more focused on the aftermath and how engineer Richard Parks blew the whistle on halfhearted recovery efforts. It's no surprise that two of the producers also worked on "Erin Brockovich." Netflix

'Montana Story'
In addition to in-person screenings at this year's Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, quite a few films can be streamed. That includes this slow-burning thriller, which makes great use of its moody Big Sky locations. Scott McGehee and David Siegel, who made the riveting "The Deep End" with Tilda Swinton, direct an atmospheric drama in which an estranged brother and sister are forced to grapple with some very big family secrets. Through May 19, MSP Film Society