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'The Kardashians'
America's version of a royal family may have switched platforms but their members still rely on the same ironic formula: Whine about a lack of privacy while encouraging cameras to follow your every move. The sisters have always offered up some fascinating insight into show business, even when it's by accident. The first few episodes check in with Kim as she prepares to host "Saturday Night Live," getting advice on her opening monologue from Amy Schumer and contemplating the idea of booking her ex, Kanye West, as musical guest. Drops Thursday, Hulu

'Come Dance With Me'
Young hoofers get a chance to compete on national television — but only if they partner with one of their less coordinated parents. It's a noble idea that quickly runs out of steam. The only contestant with even a smidgen of name recognition is John Otto, the drummer for Limp Bizkit. After watching more than 30 minutes, you'll feel like being trapped at one of those high school recitals that's tolerable only if one of the participants is your own kid. 7 p.m. Friday, WCCO, Ch. 4

'Bill Maher: #Adulting'
It's been 27 years since Maher taped his first full-length HBO special at St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theater. Since then, he's developed into a more polished, and polarizing, comic. His latest, recorded in Florida, relies too much on dated material, at least compared with the jokes he tells on "Real Time." That includes a rather vigorous defense of Garrison Keillor. Expect a fresher routine when he stops by the State Theatre on June 4. Debuts 9 p.m. Friday, HBO

'Paris, 13th District'
Jacques Audiard, whose movies include "A Prophet" and "Rust and Bone," zeroes in on a skyscraper-dominated neighborhood of Paris for this stylish, black-and-white drama. Its protagonists are three diverse, incredibly hot young people who believe they're going about romance in carefree new ways that they invented. But it turns out that, even if the porn sites, texting platforms and bars are fresh, falling in love remains pretty much the same thing. Friday, on-demand services.

It's not as good as either movie but there's a bit of "Memento" and a bit of "Blade Runner" in this Hugh Jackman romantic thriller. Set in a dystopian Miami, where the ocean's rise has led everyone to higher ground, it's about a guy who makes a living helping people recover memories of better times. When one of those people turns out to be a femme fatale with a big old secret (Rebecca Ferguson), he goes down a rabbit hole that leads to passion and, maybe, his demise. HBO Max