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Q: New cars don't have CD players, including my 2019 Hyundai Sonata, so I copied more than 2,000 songs from the 1940s (I am 87) on a 128 GB thumb drive. But when I insert it into the sound system, the screen shows "No title No info." The dealer said he doesn't have a clue as to why that's happening. Do you?

A: You didn't mention what application you used to copy the CD music (CDA files) to your thumb drive. Unless you use Microsoft Media Player or other conversion software, the song titles might not copy over.

Parking pet peeve

Q: Handicapped-accessible parking should be located between the entrance door and the exit door. At the Home Depot near my home in Las Vegas, it is located out in right field with the entrance door at first base and the exit door at third base, forcing those who use it to go the farthest of anyone. I complained and, in return, got a blank stare and an email address for corporate customer service. My email got no response. I recently noticed that a local Costco just reduced the number of handicapped-accessible parking spaces next to the front door from 24 to six. We really are second-class citizens.

A: Twenty-four might be more spaces than needed, but designated handicapped-accessible parking always should be located near the entrance/exit. I don't know what to advise you except to keep complaining and get others to do the same until someone finally listens.

Too early

Q: Last year I bought a new 2021 Honda CR-V, which now has 32,000 miles. I recently was told that I need to have a brake fluid flush every 30,000 miles (for $165). I have owned cars for 50 years, and never once was I told I needed a brake line flush. I have never had a brake problem with any of my cars, and I have no problem with this car. Why is this a maintenance issue all of a sudden?

A: Because brake fluid is hygroscopic, it attracts water, and that's a problem because it can boil, vaporize and cause poor braking. Moisture also can corrode internal parts. But this occurs over time, not mileage. It seems premature to flush the fluid in a one-year-old car.

Little difference

Q: We have a 2019 Buick Envision with the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine. My question centers around oil. It asks for Dexos to be used, and I am wondering if other synthetics could be used without doing harm to the engine.

A: Any brand of oil that meets the Dexos specification is fine. Dexos will be stated on the bottle's label. There is not much of a difference among brands, and all are safe to use.

Bob Weber is a writer, mechanic and ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician. His writing has appeared in automotive trade publications, Consumer Guide and Consumers Digest. Send automotive questions along with name and town to