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Sorry for the relatively late second post today, but we spent a portion of the mid-day over at Kramarczuk's, the famous spot just across the river in Northeast Minneapolis on Hennepin.

This would not be news on most days. However, on this day, we were there for the official announcement that Kramarczuk's bratwursts, Polish sausages and Hungarians (also a sausage) will be available in a couple of different spots at Target Field.

This comes on top of the recent announcement that Murray's steak sandwiches will also be part of the food experience. So, too, will other more traditional ballpark vendors.

That said, there are expected to be other local restaurants joining the ballpark fray in the very near future. Details of those will be forthcoming once everything is finalized, said Twins' VP of Operations Matt Hoy, who was among those on hand for the announcement but wouldn't disclose any names of the soon-to-be-added spots.

Stay tuned for that, of course ... but for now, revel in the goodness of a Minneapolis institution being brought to what will hopefully become another. We sampled all three offerings, and there is plenty to look forward to.


1) Have you ever been to Kramarczuk's?

2) If not, what's wrong with you?

3) Any other local shops you are hoping jump on board before all the food announcements are over?