John Ewoldt
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Q What don't you take for granted anymore?

A Electricity. There are power outages all the time in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. I remember the days when you flipped a light switch and never had to wonder if a light would work.

Q What do you crave when you return to Minnesota?

A Midwestern beef. The free-range beef in the D.R. tastes tough and gristly.

Q Is there anything you didn't give away (besides sentimental items) that you took with you?

A My own bedsheets.

Q How are Dominicans different from Minnesotans?

A There is no sense of urgency and they never say no. Even if it's impossible and has never been done before, they will try to find a way. Maybe it won't be done for a year, but they will find a way.

Q Where do you live in Puerto Plata?

A An 800-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath apartment. I often have missionaries staying with me.