For English departments, not the best of times

These days, English majors are an increasingly rare breed on college campuses. The drop-off has been so dramatic that some schools have proposed dropping the English major entirely (along with history, philosophy and a few other humanities degrees).

Eric Kaler reflects on successes, regrets entering final year at U

Kaler insists he has no intention of coasting through his final year as head of Minnesota's flagship university.

Minnesota's public colleges to expand credit for 'prior learning'

Experts say few students can expect to dispense with most of their coursework this way, but it's enough of a boost to make a difference.

University of Minnesota hires consulting firm to guide presidential search

The national firm the U hired was tied to a failed search for Minnesota State chancellor.

Ries to step down as president of Concordia University in St. Paul

He oversaw 70 percent student population jump.

University of Minnesota president's job calls for thick skin

Past presidents describe the position as inspiring, grueling and busy.

He, she or ze? Pronouns could pose trouble under U policy

Draft University of Minnesota policy would punish those who ignore personal pronoun preferences.

Eric Kaler to step down as University of Minnesota president in 2019

"The University will benefit from a fresh perspective," he said in a statement.

Conservatives sue U over Shapiro speech restrictions

Conservative groups allege his rights were violated.

Minnesota State affirms tuition freeze for colleges and universities

Community college fees the same as 2012-13.