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It's lupine (and lady's slipper) season

While most woodland wildflowers have already come and gone, Minnesota's meadows, roadsides and prairies are now firing up their annual parade of color. This week, native sundial lupine has been blooming in central Minnesota, along with wild roses, tall lavender penstemon and orange-yellow hoary puccoon. Check regional parks and public lands for restored prairies and habitats, including the Prairie's Edge Scenic Drive at Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge near Zimmerman. Blooming not long after these flowers should be Minnesota's state flower, the showy lady's slipper, which can be seen in Minneapolis' Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, and the larger (and invasive) Western lupine that turns the ditches of the North Shore Scenic Drive (Hwy. 61) into vibrant swaths of purple.

Lisa Meyers McClintick

European shift

Travelers are increasingly skipping Europe's most-visited locales in favor of less-frequented destinations for summer vacations. Fresh data shared by Chase Travel shows that cities with the biggest year-on-year tourism increases this summer include such off-the-beaten-track destinations as Brussels, Munich, Zurich and Warsaw. (The data, based on card-member spending, shows that the most-booked cities are still London, Paris and Rome.) The shift largely reflects surging prices in Mediterranean hotspots as well as record heat on the continent, say industry experts. "If you can't afford Italy, or France, or some of the traditional destinations, Belgium is going to be better value," says Misty Belles of Virtuoso, a luxury travel adviser group.

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Disney drone show

Disney World has cranked up 800 drones for a new, colorful and creative production. "Disney Dreams That Soar" is now a nightly event at Disney Springs. The fleet of drones moves in from the west in sort of a scatter-drill formation. From there, the units change colors, go dark and rearrange themselves to make pictures in the sky — Dumbo floating through clouds, or "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters against a disco wall. Impressive images in the 10-minute show include the house from "Up," lifted by balloons, and Wall-E and Eve in a dance that spins and gives a "Beauty and the Beast" ballroom vibe. There are multiple "Star Wars" references: A 213-foot Death Star looms for a while, and Mandolorian and Grogu earned cheers.

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Bison attacks

An 83-year-old woman was seriously injured after being gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park and lifted into the air by its horns, officials said. The bison attacked her near the Storm Point Trail at Yellowstone Lake on June 1, the National Park Service said in a statement, adding that the animal was "defending its space." The Park Service statement reiterated guidance urging visitors to stay at least 25 yards away from large animals, including bison, at all times, and at least 100 yards from bears and wolves. "Bison are not aggressive animals but will defend their space when threatened," park officials cautioned. "They are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans."

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