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Delta’s refund policy

Delta Air Lines, hobbled by a three-day service meltdown that resulted in more than 2,100 canceled flights last week, offered passengers delayed three hours or more $200 travel vouchers, flight change fee waivers and hotel rooms when available. But passengers whose trips are disrupted by delayed or canceled flights should know all their options. According to Delta’s 51-page conditions of carriage, the airline will give passengers a full refund in the event their flight is canceled or diverted or delayed more than 90 minutes. Delta gave affected passengers until Aug. 21 to rebook flights without paying a change fee. - McClatchy Washington Bureau

Spirit awards more miles for spending less

The nation’s four biggest airlines now dole out miles to their loyalty-reward members based on how much you spend instead of how many miles you travel. But Spirit Airlines, the supercheap carrier, launched a promotion last week that hands out more reward miles to travelers who spend the least on airline tickets. A traveler who spends less than $75 on a flight gets 1,000 miles while a flier who spends between $126 and $200 gets 150 miles. The promotion runs only until the end of August. It may sound like a good deal, except that Spirit’s reward miles expire after three months of inactivity, while the other airlines give travelers one or two years. “The biggest challenge for Spirit is that once you fly with Spirit, you might not want to do that again,” said Zach Honig, editor-in-chief of - Los Angeles Times

Superior lighthouses

Spend the night in the Two Harbors Light Station in Two Harbors, Minn., the oldest operating lighthouse in the state, overlooking Lake Superior. Constructed in 1892 to provide safe passage into the Agate Bay harbor, the lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors and overnight guests can learn about modern navigation as well as steep in the region’s seafaring history through the onsite museum ( Also listed on the register, the Big Bay Point Lighthouse in Big Bay, Mich., is run by avid preservationists whose goal is to maintain the romance of an era when mariners relied on the skill of a lightkeeper to bring them safely through this challenging stretch of Michigan coastline. Visitors enjoy the peaceful solitude of the pristine, cliffside location overlooking Lake Superior. Hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are available on 40 acres of trails. A full breakfast is included. Children must be 16 or older ( - Dallas Morning News

A travel safety app

Do you worry about safety when traveling? The Safeture app has a team of guardian angels who work to keep you in the know about security and health risks. The app issues real-time alerts about flight delays, fires, floods and other natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, political protests and terrorist acts. Other features let travelers track their positions and share them with friends and family. There are country-specific overviews of safety and security issues as well as medical advice, travel information from Lonely Planet and Trip­Advisor, embassy locations, emergency contact numbers and click-to-call buttons. The app was offered free to the first 10,000 travelers in Rio who downloaded or activated it during the Olympics. (For iPhone or Android; from $3.99 for two weeks of service to $21.99 for one year.) - Los Angeles Times