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A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Penrod lives in Falcon Heights with his wife and two children. He also has mild obsessions with college football and smoked meats.

Gaining a deep understanding of Justin Jefferson's early success

Jefferson's path to 3,016 yards in two seasons requires a broad route range and skill set to shed defenders at all levels.

Map of Minneapolis businesses damaged, looted after night of unrest

Fire officials are investigating the apparent torching of four retail outlets overnight that expanded the destruction well beyond the city's core.

A deeper look at areas most damaged by rioting, looting in Minneapolis, St. Paul

Twin Cities restaurants and retail stores were hit the hardest in the rioting following George Floyd's killing.

In Minnesota and across the U.S., virus death toll keeps climbing

As of Monday, 143 Minnesotans had died from COVID-19, with more than half of those fatalities occurring since April 14. The virus has now claimed more lives in the U.S. than anywhere in the world.

Bombas away: Left, center, right. Check out every Twins' home run

The Twins have set a team record for home runs in a season, and this chart shows who hit each of their "bombas" and where they landed.

NASA's next giant leap: Return to the moon and beyond

After decades of low Earth missions, NASA has a renewed commitment to deep-space exploration. It is betting on a new program called Artemis to take us back to the moon by 2024.