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A Midwesterner who grew up in Nebraska, went to college in South Dakota, and taught school in Iowa and Minnesota before becoming a consumer reporter, Ewoldt lives in Minneapolis with his partner. He likes looking for a bargain wherever he may be but is learning restraint to avoid hoarder status. He's starting to believe that maybe less is more.

Hy-Vee reloads with wine tasting bar, cigar humidor and a DSW shoes area

After a pause in its Twin Cities expansion, Hy-Vee will add new stores for several years.

As the Twin Cities supermarket battle heats up, who is No. 1?

The pandemic not only increased grocery profits as restrictions forced people to eat at home, it also intensified an already competitive market in the Twin Cities area.

How to earn up to 5% interest on a Minnesota checking account

Higher interest rates come with hurdles customers must clear each month.

In early evening, businesses in the Twin Cities scramble to close down

Businesses in the state's three largest counties had just a few hours to close up before a 7 p.m. curfew.

Famous Dave's, Granite City saw turnaround in March after weathering a devastating 2020

Owner BBQ Holdings also announced Famous Dave's would close Woodbury location, enter in dual concept with Cowboy Jack's there.

Minneapolis principal Sandra Woods dies at 79

Remembering names of elementary school teachers presents a challenge for most adults. Recalling the name of an elementary principal is a test few could pass.Unless…

Mpls. skyway retailers in limbo: 'It's been absolute devastation'

The Minneapolis skyway system used to be traversed by hundreds of thousands of people every weekday. Since the pandemic and unrest that began after George Floyd's death, most of the 200 or so businesses on or just off the skyway have closed. For places that are open, business is down.

Famous Dave's to serve up cafeteria-style dining with new Quick Que

Famous Dave's Quick Que will open in Coon Rapids in late summer.

Minnesota product is the trick to scraping ice from your driveway

His effective sidewalk device is environmental alternative to ice melters.

Edina-based Evereve is opening shops, even as other retailers close stores

Evereve is expanding its Edina flagship store and will open at least six new locations this year.