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Intro: When Twins pitcher Joe Ryan was hit in the hand by a batted ball on Tuesday, fans — and Ryan himself — immediately feared the worst. But the rookie, who seems to have a flair for drama, sounds like he is actually OK even after he left the field and didn't return to the Twins' 3-1 loss to Cleveland.

5:00: Star Tribune columnist Chip Scoggins joins host Michael Rand for a look at his debut Football Across Minnesota column, a weekly feature highlighting moments from all levels of football in the state this fall. He shares his thoughts on the Vikings' offensive line, the Gophers' defensive line and a story from the northern part of the state that puts it all in perspective.

22:00: Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns tweeted on Tuesday about the silliness of vaccine skeptics, a nice contrast to the spotlight often put on athletes who are against getting the spotlight for their anti-vaccine stances.

25:00: The standings are tightening up for the Lynx and the Loons. Here are some things to watch for in the next week for both Minnesota United and the Lynx.

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