Jerry Holt has been a Star Tribune staff photographer since 1990.

He is a retired U.S. Marine and is married with two adult daughters.

Vikings superfans give power to the purple

Sports fans often wear their loyalty on their sleeves, but these Vikings superfans wear it everywhere.

Kids with autism face double standard

Officially, Minnesota doesn't pay for an intensive type of autism therapy. Yet it has - but only for some families.

Soon, a field of their own

Rites of passage • a weekly photo journal

International appeal of tango

Valentin Solakhau, the performing arts teacher at the Twin Cities German Immersion School in St. Paul, helped fifth graders Nele Roth left, Matu Mueller and Ingrid Sampson with their tango moves. Valentin is a native of Belarus is preparing the k-6 students for their Friday night performance of Carnival of Cultures, a celebration of song and dance from around the world . The event will take place on Friday 11; at St. Thomas More Catholic Community and school starting at 6pm. Valentin has a masters degree in German Literature and has been a teacher at the school for the past two years.

Faces behind the race

SECOND OF TWO PARTS For pundits, analyzing Republican presidential politics in 2007 provided a lesson in humility. Just when the professional political soothsayers had decided…