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It's a relatively simple concept, but we love it nonetheless: Box Score Replay. Let creator Edd Morgan explain it via his site's about page:

As a basketball fan that lives outside of the USA (in Europe), it's difficult to watch games live. Sure, I can manage the first game tipping off on the east coast every night, but if there's a great game happening over on the west? That's too late. I got [redacted] to do in the morning.

So, sometimes I have to watch games the day after they air live, using League Pass. But, before now, I couldn't look at a box score or anything as the game is playing because it would spoil the result for myself. That's why this exists. So you and I can keep track of stats as they happen, even if they happened two days ago. Or something like that.

What does this mean? Well, you can look at already completed NBA box scores at any point in the game, simply by dragging a little orange bar. Here, for instance, are frame grabs from the Wolves/Pacers game a couple nights ago.

Check out the site. It's simple, but elegant.