Gophers Football
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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. -- It's cooled off to 96 degrees now, perfect football weather at Floyd Stadium. It's a nice, if smallish, little stadium with a beautiful view of the Appalachian foothills, though I'm not sure having metal bleachers in 95 percent of the place is a great idea on a day like this. Regardless, I was impressed by all the tailgating going on around the stadium as I drove up -- there's a significant core of fans here, and they're fired up for some football.
(And they need some football, just to provide a little scoreboard fodder -- the message board is currently running "Fun Facts" like "Nobel Prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus was an assistant professor at MTSU in 1969" and "MSTU's campus has its own zip code." My favorite: "Minnesota has won three straight home openers on the road." Tough to do.)
Not much new to report, other than a couple of lineup notes:
Fullback Jon Hoese is here with the team and will be in the starting lineup. His father Terry suffered a stroke a week ago today, and remains in critical condition. The family discussed whether Jon, an offensive team captain, should make the trip, and according to his mother Sharon's online journal (at "we all felt Terry would want him to, if he feels up to it."
And Kim Royston has been removed from the two-deep passed out here in the press box, a pretty good indication that he's going to wait another week or two to put his broken leg to the test.