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Remember the old days, 2017 or so, when the way to see the best picture Oscar nominees was at the nearest multiplex?

The highest-quality option for seeing movies is still in a theater, but that's become trickier with the advent of titles exclusive to streaming services. All 10 of this year's nominees did play in theaters, at least briefly, but several finished those runs long before nominations were announced.

So what are you to do if you're a completist who wants to catch up before awards are handed out?

As many films are available to rent on more than one streamer, much will depend on what subscriptions you have. But we can suggest a couple of paths to all 10, both of which cost about $60 and come with the good-ish news that, although you'll still have to sign up for some services, this year's nominees let you keep Disney Plus and Hulu off the list.

Also, it's worth noting that some of the 10 fit the small screen better than others. For example, cinematography nominee Janusz Kamiński's stunning images in "West Side Story" demand to be seen as big as possible.

"West Side Story" and a few other contenders may be at your neighborhood venue. Minneapolis' Riverview Theater will bring back a couple on March 25 and Marcus Oakdale's rotating "spotlight" features a nightly screening of an Oscar contender. Or you can knock off a bunch starting March 18, when AMC Theatres screen seven of the 10 (minus Apple and Netflix exclusives): "Belfast," "Drive My Car," "Dune," "King Richard," "Licorice Pizza," "Nightmare Alley" and "West Side Story." Tickets to five of those will be $5 apiece, so the total for all seven would be about $45, Junior Mints not included.

Next up are the trickiest titles, "CODA" and "Don't Look Up." As of earlier this week, neither was in theaters, which means you need Apple TV Plus for "CODA" and Netflix for "Don't Look Up." Unless you can work out a seven-day free trial at Apple, that'll set you back $4.99 for a month there and $9.99 for the cheapest Netflix option. You might as well add in Netflix's "The Power of the Dog," which may return to theaters but is a sure thing at the streamer. Combine those three with the seven at AMC and your total cost would be about $60.

If you're unwilling to wait for Oscar wannabes to return to theaters, our second suggestion requires both Amazon and HBO Max.

The latter will get you halfway, with a $14.99 (without ads) monthly streaming fee. That will let you see "Dune," "King Richard," "Drive My Car," "Nightmare Alley" and "West Side Story." Add that to the $14.98 for the Netflix and Apple trio and you're looking at $29.97 and so far you've streamed eight of the 10 contenders.

"Licorice Pizza" is another expertly composed movie that benefits greatly from being seen on the big screen, but it's also available as a pricey $19.99 streaming purchase from Amazon. And "Belfast," which rents for $4.99 at Amazon, brings your Oscar streaming grand total to $54.95.

There are other options, of course, whether that's keeping your eye on your local multiplex or renting titles from a different service you already have ("West Side Story" and "Belfast," for instance, are available on several). However you do it, get busy! The 94th Academy Awards will air on ABC at 7 p.m. March 27.