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The PGA Tour returns to action Thursday in Fort Worth, Tex., at the Charles Schwab Challenge. Or you can call it the Charles Swab Challenge, considering it comes back with extensive coronavirus testing for players, caddies and those closest to them all weekend -- after three months shuttered by the pandemic.

We do this week’s golf mailbag in reverse and ask the questions and my Twitter followers answered:

Q. How much did you miss watching golf every week and how much, or little, are you awaiting Thursday’s return. What do you most want to see?

“PGA Tour golf without fans and excitement they bring doesn’t seem very compelling. Feels like good golfers just out to play.” -- @KSMITHMIN

“I want to see great competition and great drama. I miss golf, especially the majors and the big time tournaments. I love the replays during the evenings for something to watch on TV other than the non-stop politicization of everything.” -- @groover1975

“I must be missing it more than I realized, because I watched every minute of the skins game and the Tiger/Manning-Phil/Brady match in successive weeks.” -- @smhoran1

“Being able to see any live sport will be a plus. I miss it in the winter/spring season. Golf is made for TV and I am looking forward to the opening round.” -- @jrethier1

“Passionate golf fan, I’ve missed it very much (and all the other sports for that matter). Most interested in seeing how much rustiness plays a factor this week.” --@Lantz_Lance

“For most Tiger-less non-majors I’ll usually just casually check in (watch last few holes Sunday). But this week I’ll be watching/DVRing most of the action. Most want to see how players deal with worse lies (no fans around to keep wayward shots in play, trample the rough, etc.) -- @Crumdawg97

Q. How much will you be interested in the 3M Open in Blaine next month?

“High interest. Such a fun tourney last year.” – MitchMaurer2