See more of the story Very cold conditions prevented bicyclists from protesting topless in a New York City neighborhood Saturday, even before the East Coast blizzard struck.

Albeit clothed, some bikers still took part in the "Freedom Ride," which was organized in objection to the closure of a bike lane in Williamsburg, N.Y., traditionally an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in the city that has increasingly become a home to young artists in recent years.

The temperature at LaGuardia Airport, located only 7 miles from Williamsburg, hovered in the mid- to upper 20s during the protest Saturday evening. Wind speeds were measured between 20 and 30 mph, with gusts as high as 55 mph.

The cyclists claim that the lane was closed to appease the conservative views of the Jewish community.

Marc LaVorgna, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, contended that the change was made for safety reasons. He encouraged them to utilize a nearby lane, describing it to the Associated Press as "the Cadillac of bike paths," due to having two-way traffic and being set apart from motor vehicles.

Instead of riding nude, the protesters pinned plastic breasts to their jackets as a few snowflakes fell.

Story By's Jon Auciello