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The Growler magazine, which launched in 2012 to cover Minnesota’s rapidly growing craft beer scene, is ending its run.

The August 2020 issue will be the last for the magazine, which had expanded its focus over the years to cover both food and drink in Minnesota. It also produced popular tasting events and festivals, including the Beer Dabbler.

“Back in 2012, my plan was to build community through craft beer and the craft culture that comes along with it. My plan was to call attention to local breweries and support their efforts to explore all of the colors and flavors that beer could represent. My plan was to bring people these stories in a way that was visually appealing and thoughtful, rather than critical or condescending,” wrote owner, founder and publisher Matt Kenevan, in a letter on the magazine’s website.

“Over the last 80 print issues, we achieved this with The Growler — with the help of many — and I feel that we have served our purpose and fulfilled our goal.”

Kenevan went on to explain how the pandemic impacted the free magazine’s business, by severely hurting the food and beverage industry, which the magazine relied on for advertising.

“Moreover, going without a year’s worth of festivals to support the magazine compromises the publication’s sustainability into future years,” he wrote. “Expenses are ongoing, but our income is not.”

The Beer Dabbler will resume “when large events come back en vogue,” Kenevan said.

And maybe, the magazine will come back, too.

“Hopefully, one day The Growler will rise up once again,” Kenevan wrote. “The future is unclear but today we are doing what needs to be done.”