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Q: I am so impressed with "FBI" on CBS. Has it been renewed?

A: Yes. A new season will begin Sept. 24. In the season premiere, CBS says, "After a bomb detonates at a restaurant in Queens, the case becomes personal for OA (Zeeko Zaki), who grew up eating there. But what initially seems like a terrorist attack reveals itself to be more complex."

10 years of 'Pit Bulls'

Q: I am a huge fan of "Pit Bulls & Parolees" on Animal Planet, and I can't find any solid information on whether it will be back. Can you help?

A: The series returns Oct. 5 for its 10th year.

'Lucifer' lives on Netflix

Q: I'm wondering it "Lucifer" on Fox will be back. I enjoyed this show very much.

A: The series starring Tom Ellis as the Devil left Fox after three seasons in 2018. Netflix then picked up repeats of the first three seasons and ordered a fourth, which arrived on the streaming service later in 2018. A fifth season is now in production for Netflix, but that will be the last.

No more 'Gotham'

Q: Will "Gotham" be returning?

A: No. Fox's Batman-related drama ended last season, but that doesn't mean prime time will be bat-free. On Oct. 6, The CW is premiering "Batwoman," starring Ruby Rose as a new dark knight.

'Enemy' had no friends

Q: I enjoyed "The Enemy Within" last season. I would love to know if it is coming back.

A: NBC decided not to bring the thriller starring Jennifer Carpenter and Morris Chestnut back for a second run, and no one else has picked it up. As TVLine pointed out, the show ranked lower than any other NBC drama with the network's preferred, young-adult audience.

'Castle' spawns other projects

Q: I recently discovered "Castle" in reruns. What is the history of the show? I don't recognize the actors.

A: The series about a mystery writer working with a police detective to solve crimes premiered in March 2009 and ran for eight seasons, ending in 2016. Nathan Fillion, who played writer Richard Castle, was part of the company of actors often seen in projects from writer/director Joss Whedon; most famously, Fillion had starred in the cult-favorite Whedon series "Firefly" and its movie sequel "Serenity." The detective, Kate Beckett, was played by Stana Katic, whose previous credits included roles on "24" and "ER." Various reports said the two stars did not get along, with Fillion to blame. Katic and co-star Tamala Jones were both set to depart the show at the end of the eighth season, with several outlets saying that was a cost-cutting measure for the aging series. Even so, ABC chose not to go ahead with a ninth season, and the actors have gone on to other projects. Fillion is currently on ABC's "The Rookie," which starts its second season on Sept. 29. Katic can be seen in the Amazon series "Absentia"; two seasons are online and a third is in the works.