Reporter | Twin Cities

Eric Roper is a metro reporter covering urban affairs in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Since joining the Star Tribune in 2009, he has covered the city of Minneapolis, the state Legislature and Congress for the paper. 

A native of New York City, Roper lives in south Minneapolis with his partner and their cat, George. He is interested in the hidden systems that make urban life possible, as well as Minneapolis history. Roper is a graduate of the George Washington University and was named "Young Journalist of the Year" by the Society of Professional Journalists' Minnesota chapter in 2013. In his spare time, he is an amateur woodworker who enjoys learning new furniture making skills.

Minnesota Poll: Majority support mailing ballots to voters

A majority of Minnesotans support a proposal to mail ballots to every registered voter in the state, a measure aimed at addressing fears that the…

Why are the recycling bins overflowing in my alley?

If it seems like big blue bins are overflowing more than usual, it's not your imagination.

Senate leader, governor consider aid plan for Mall of America

A proposal to use a tax subsidy fund will have to overcome opposition from the city of Bloomington.

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Social distancing has made it increasingly difficult to give the dead a proper send-off.

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Minnesota pork plants sidelined by coronavirus outbreaks have begun euthanizing and disposing of thousands of pigs. A reader wanted to know whether they could just freeze the carcasses instead of wasting all that meat.

Can I still collect unemployment if I refuse to return to an unsafe workplace?

Many Minnesotans may soon be asked to return to work as the governor eases closure orders on some businesses. But if some refuse to go due to health concerns, they will likely lose unemployment benefits.

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COVID-19 is hitting Hennepin County far harder than any other county in Minnesota. And its size alone does not explain why.

Larry Windrum, a St. Paul antiques dealer and victim of COVID-19, dies at 81

Customers looked forward to the shop's annual holiday open house, with live music and invitations crafted by Windrum, a graphic designer.

When you flush a toilet in the Twin Cities, where does everything go?

Most maps of the Twin Cities feature highways and bridges that connect our region. But few show another grid that is even more crucial to daily life.

Virus throws 2020 census into 'uncharted territory'

Events as well as early counting delayed as leaders respond to growing pandemic restrictions.