Liz Flores, a photojournalist for the Star Tribune for 12-plus years, previously worked at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for 8 years. 

Flores is a native of New Mexico, She lives in Mendota Heights. She has three children including, Allison, Spencer and Gracie. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in Journalism and Spanish.

Meatpacking is nearly normal, but workers left to cope with COVID-19's toll

More than 30,000 meatpacking workers nationally have fallen ill. At least 100 have died, with the lives of others upended or permanently altered.

As virus loomed, Worthington pork plant refused to slow down

A week before JBS idled its Worthington pork plant, it was clear that meatpacking plants had become clusters of the virus. But until April 20, JBS was running the plant, which can slaughter as many as 21,000 hogs a day, at full tilt. JBS has made strides since shutting down, but workers say it was slow to react

Testing uneven, or nonexistent, at meatpacking plants with COVID-19 outbreaks

The only guidance from the federal government has been that meat processors should "consider" tests.

Scenes of celebration: Minnesotans offer glimmers of hope during COVID-19 crisis

Across the Twin Cities, families and friends are finding creative ways to bring joy to each other's lives.

6 best off-the-beaten-path spots on the Yucatan Peninsula

Beyond the usual tourist stops, here are some places to relish culture and sun on the southern tip of Mexico.

St. Paul man marks 102nd birthday with family by his side

Medina's family came to the United States from Mexico with Medina when he was 5.

Presenting Antonio

Family and culture come together in the baptism of 41/2-month-old Antonio de Jesus Maldonado Alexander at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Carver.

Monumental Fun

Many spend Memorial Day at the Lakewood Cemetery.