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Introduction: Host Michael Rand, with the help of Star Tribune beat writer Chris Hine, takes an in-depth look at Thursday's NBA Draft. Did the Wolves and new personnel boss Tim Connelly, after a lot of wheeling and dealing, end up in a good spot with No. 22 pick Walker Kessler and No. 26 pick Wendell Moore? Time will tell, but they certainly addressed a need with Kessler's size and rebounding ability.

15:00: The Twins avoided a bullpen meltdown, albeit narrowly, in an important win over Cleveland. One day after the teams combined for 21 runs in a crushing Twins loss, Minnesota scored the only run in a 1-0 win.

20:00: The Lynx might be on the upswing again, while Loons fans are mad about the Adrian Heath contract extension. Plus putting a bow on the NBA and looking ahead to D'Angelo Russell and free agency for the Wolves.

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