Review: 'Turnout,' by Joan Anderson Growe, with Lori Sturdevant

New book examines Minnesota's history of getting out the vote.

REVIEW: 'Minnesota's Geologist,' by Sue Leaf

NONFICTION: A fine biography of the geologist who traveled Minnesota by canoe, wagon and horseback to determine what lay beneath.

With tall ships moving on, chess players descend on Twin Ports

Following on the heels of a blues festival and a parade of tall ships, chess players from around the region will arrive for the annual and popular Twin Ports Open.

Review: 'Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing,' by Robert Caro

NONFICTION: Robert Caro set aside work on the final volume of his LBJ biography to publish a memoir about his decades of work on the late president and Robert Moses.

Burnsville chess team may get sectional win at nationals after ethics probe of Texas team

Metcalf Middle School finished in second place in a section at the K-9 National Chess Championship in April, runner-up to a Texas team that chess officials recently concluded violated numerous ethics rules.

Review: 'Say Nothing,' by Patrick Radden Keefe

NONFICTION: Former IRA members reveal details of bombings and killings — and blame a prominent politician for a widow's death.

Review: 'The Improbable Wendell Willkie,' by David Levering Lewis

NONFICTION: Wendell Willkie's political career was tragically short, but he had a huge impact at a critical moment in our nation's history.

Review: 'Autumn in Venice' by Andrea di Robilant

NONFICTION: Ernest Hemingway fell hard for a Venetian teenager, and she inspired him to write one of his greatest works.

Minnetonka chess grandmaster fails to repeat as U.S. champion

Wesley So didn't lose any games, but too many draws and too few wins left him in third place.

Complete Minnesota Poll results: State gun legislation

The Star Tribune Minnesota Poll interviewed 625 Minnesota registered voters between April 15 and April 18 about gun ownership, gun violence and gun control. Scroll…