Columnist | Outdoors

Outdoors columnist and editor Dennis Anderson joined the Star Tribune in 1993 after serving in the same positions at the St. Paul Pioneer Press for 13 years. His column topics vary widely, and include canoeing, fishing, hunting, adventure travel and conservation of the environment.

Anderson was born in North Dakota, but grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He has an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Minnesota, Morris and a master's in journalism from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where his focus was communications law. He and his wife, Jan, along with their Labrador retrievers, live on a small farm in the St. Croix River Valley. As time allows, Anderson competes on cutting horses.

Anderson: Nature's storytellers are a threatened species as well

Documentarians of the outdoors world are losing some of their voices in an ever-changing media industry.

Anderson: Ex-Army Ranger making sure other vetarans can go fishing

Steve Gillaspie is the founder of a 501(c)(3) group called Veterans on the Water, which offers free fishing trips to military veterans.

Anderson: Ending South Dakota pheasant survey won't fool hunters

If the South Dakota commission hopes to trick pheasant hunters into visiting by ending the state's brood surveys, that ploy won't work. Hunters aren't stupid.

Anderson: River wranglers ply the Mississippi River after dark

Whether bracketed by statuesque pines near Brainerd, the bright lights of the Twin Cities or Wabasha's leafy hardwoods, the Mississippi's one constant is beauty, and never more so than at night.

Anderson: Minorities lend their voices to outdoors activism

Minnesota's overwhelmingly white (84%) population is fast becoming more diverse, with significant implications for outdoor recreation and especially for conservation.

Anderson: Prolonged border closing deals crushing blow to businesses, summer rituals

With the largest concentration of hunting and fishing camps in Canada, the region of Ontario just north of Minnesota is especially hard hit by the closed border. And Minnesotans who take those trips feel targeted, too.

Anderson: Pandemic response foreshadows challenge to survive climate crisis

Relying on human behavior to change won't meet the crisis at hand.

Anderson: Wade fishing for bass a reprieve from society's turmoil

Rarely undertaken in Minnesota anymore, except on some Twin Cities lakes, and of course by stream-trout fishermen, wade fishing is as old as the hills.

Anderson: Campers trending toward minimalist find sleeping options that fit the bill

Shift to minimalism calls for sleeping quarters such as teardrop trailers and rooftop tents, which travel well and deliver on comfort.

Anderson: Vacationers need to be considerate of others; bring a mask

And wear it, especially indoors. It's the right thing to do.