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Outdoors columnist and editor Dennis Anderson joined the Star Tribune in 1993 after serving in the same positions at the St. Paul Pioneer Press for 13 years. His column topics vary widely, and include canoeing, fishing, hunting, adventure travel and conservation of the environment.

Anderson was born in North Dakota, but grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He has an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Minnesota, Morris and a master's in journalism from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where his focus was communications law. He and his wife, Jan, along with their Labrador retrievers, live on a small farm in the St. Croix River Valley. As time allows, Anderson competes on cutting horses.

Anderson: As times change, hunting cohort needs women

A review of current Minnesota deer license sales underscores that girls show a strong interest in hunting relative to boys. But many men return to hunting as they grow older, while many women seemingly don't.

Anderson: Pair out to catch all 50 state fish make quick work of channel catfish

After success in Iowa, Luke Konson and Daniel Balserak made quick work of Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Using raw chicken for bait, they landed channel cats in each state

Anderson: Generations hunt together, relate to land

Four generations of hunters shared a sense of place Saturday morning for the Wisconsin firearms opener, and Norb Berg, 88, has passed his down.

Anderson: Anglers seeking all 50 state fish need help in Iowa

Channel catfish in Iowa are so far eluding a pair of Virginia teens on a special quest.

Anderson: It's a Minnesota stop for pair angling to land 50 state fish

Two Virginians are on a quest to catch the state fish in all 50 states; they might need a hand with our walleyes.

Anderson: Deer camp's solitude broken by a lost voice

On a northern Minnesota plot long on tradition, a group of hunters helped a man gone astray.

Anderson: Warmth blankets the firearms deer season opener

One hunting party stays close to home, with an eye out especially for the metro's abundant does

Anderson: Safety should be top priority when deer hunting

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials are urging first-timers, as well as veteran hunters, to hunt safely and legally. Here are a few reminders might aid that effort

Anderson: Shortage of deer processors looms over whitetail season

The pandemic has helped cause a giant backup among processors; people are setting up smaller shops to help out.

Anderson: Gray wolf delisting glosses over need to protect other species

The Trump administration isn't the only one playing politics on the Endangered Species Act issue.