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Outdoors columnist and editor Dennis Anderson joined the Star Tribune in 1993 after serving in the same positions at the St. Paul Pioneer Press for 13 years. His column topics vary widely, and include canoeing, fishing, hunting, adventure travel and conservation of the environment.

Anderson was born in North Dakota, but grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He has an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Minnesota, Morris and a master's in journalism from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where his focus was communications law. He and his wife, Jan, along with their Labrador retrievers, live on a small farm in the St. Croix River Valley. As time allows, Anderson competes on cutting horses.

Anderson: DNR conducting an air war against duck hunting threats

A cross of native broad-leaf cattails and invasive narrow-leaf cattails, hybrid cattails can aggressively outcompete other aquatic plants. In some instances, so little open water remains ducks can't find places to land.

Anderson: Sporting art leads to book of a lifetime

Trading in sporting art, Bob White has spent the pandemic months preparing for publication of what he calls a "lifetime'' book of his work.

Anderson: There are positives as grouse season opens, but issues, too

As opening day on Ol' Ruff nears, optimism is tempered by issues such as West Nile and increasing ATV use.

Anderson: 2020 is for the birds ... pheasants, that is

Minnesota's pheasant population has leapt 42%. An omen, perhaps?

Anderson: Modern Carnivore aims to get non-hunters to embrace hunting

Addressing topics ranging from gear selection to field-dressing, ethics and laws, the 12-month program (price: $180) is intended not only to educate and inform plugged-in novice hunters, but to get those people into the field.

Anderson: Well-seasoned waterfowlers hit their marks

Four southern Minnesotans staged a familiar season-opening get-together for the early goose season.

Anderson: The dawn of mourning dove season arrives

The hunt for mourning birds is modest in Minnesota, but the opener proves a good day for being afield again.

Anderson: Love for motorcycles never completely goes away

Motorcyclists not only acknowledge the danger of riding on two wheels, they embrace it. It's part of the sport's ethos and attraction.

Anderson: Newspaper columnist turned DNR official is off to the next challenge

Chris Niskanen offers insight as someone who knows the agency both from outside and within.

Anderson: Bigger bag limits, voluntary CWD testing new for 2020 deer season

This year, three new CWD surveillance areas and an additional CWD management zone (No. 605 in the south metro) have been established by the DNR.