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Each day, birds seen in Minnesota worthy of note are posted to a collection point called eBird. This is a data center maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornkthology. The list of reported birds is sent to subscribers of this service. You can chase these birds if you wish, and some folks do, taking advantage of this to add birds to one list or another. You also can see the impressive variety of birds we see ihere in the winter

Here is the report from two days ago, to give you some idea of winter bird activity beyond backyard feeders. The species is listed along with the county in which the bird was seen, plus the number of reports received for that species.

King Eider (1 St. Louis)
Hooded Merganser (1 Douglas)
Golden Eagle (1 Renville)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (1 Hennepin)
Common Raven (2 Ramsey)
Winter Wren (1 Hennepin)
Golden-crowned Kinglet (1 Hennepin)
Townsend's Solitaire (1 Wright)
Chipping Sparrow (1 Polk)
Fox Sparrow (1 Polk)
White-crowned Sparrow (Gambel's) (1 Dakota)
White-throated Sparrow (4 Hubbard)
Swamp Sparrow (1 Hennepin)
Brown-headed Cowbird (2 Hennepin)