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Mary Gibbs stared down lumbermen in 1903 Itasca clash

It became one of Minnesota's first clashes between conservationists and industry.

Northfield mourns burned Archer hotel that reached back 143 years

"It really was the heart of the community," said Northfield historian Susan Hvistendahl.

Mystery still swirls around fatal hit-and-run crash in 1957

It was Oct. 5, 1957, an idyllic autumn Saturday in Foley, an east-central Minnesota town of 1,100 people, and Roger Vaillancourt, 17, was goofing around…

Lois Gildemeister was the can-do woman of Grand Rapids

Lois Gildemeister played the organ at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, Minn., for decades of Sundays starting in the early 1930s. The…

From Brainerd to Bataan: At 101, veteran recalls the horrors

Walt Straka was a 22-year-old shoemaker's son and one of 64 Minnesota National Guard troops from Brainerd belonging to Company A of the Army's 194th Tank Battalion.

Minnesota's past proves that every vote matters

If you think your vote really doesn’t matter this week, talk to 99-year-old Tom Swain. Born on the Fourth of July, Swain graduated from Washburn…

St. Paul woman left 'sheafs of remembrance' of Minnesota's settler days

Rebecca Marshall Cathcart was said to be the oldest Minnesotan when she died in her St. Paul home in 1925 at age 95.

Flour packer's brutal 1912 Minneapolis murder still unsolved

Veteran cops at the time considered it the most brutal crime Minneapolis had seen in the city's 45 years.

Thank-you letters from 1915 point back to unlikely hero

U.S. humanitarian aid had poured into Belgium — including tons of wheat milled in Minnesota — before the United States joined World War I.

Minnesota WWII co-pilot, 98, bailed out over Berlin as he became a dad

When Ken Micko's daughter was being born in 1945, he was parachuting out of his flaming B-24 over Berlin.