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Two voices spoke up during Minneapolis riots in 1969. They both carried

Molly Ivins' stint in Minneapolis was comparatively short, 1967 to 1970, but memorable.

One kid's lesson of resiliency from hard times of 1952 flood

The radio crackled with an urgent message for the exhausted volunteer rescuers aboard a Red Cross amphibious duck boat."Go to 56 West Fairfield," the dispatcher…

Surgeon storyteller's new book recalls golden era at 'U'

Dr. Henry Buchwald operated on more than 10,000 patients as the longest-serving University of Minnesota surgeon. Now the renowned Edina doctor, teacher and researcher, who…

Lake Harriet neighbors rejected black minister in 1909

Keys in hand, the minister went to check out the bungalow he’d just purchased at 4441 Zenith Av. S., near Lake Harriet in the Linden…

What happened to Millie? Northern Minnesota woman vanished 45 years ago

No one has ever been arrested in what is still an open case. Her daughter and son assume she was murdered.

Letters from earlier pandemic echo with resonance today

Holly Hannah Lewis shaped the letters into a 125-page book for family members.

Volunteer researchers chip in to remember World War II's fallen

An all-volunteer army of history buffs is trying to make sure the servicemen and women we lost aren't forgotten 75 years later.

New film explores St. Paul family's complex roots

The documentary debuts Sunday as part of the virtual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.

Minnesotan was among the first wave of U.S. troops to join World War II in Europe

Milburn Henke, a 23-year-old cafe owner's kid from Hutchinson, was the first American combat GI to set foot on European soil in World War II.

Case of only woman executed in Minnesota is clouded with doubt

More than 160 years later, Ann Bilansky's execution remains punctuated with question marks.