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St. Paul woman left 'sheafs of remembrance' of Minnesota's settler days

Rebecca Marshall Cathcart was said to be the oldest Minnesotan when she died in her St. Paul home in 1925 at age 95.

Flour packer's brutal 1912 Minneapolis murder still unsolved

Veteran cops at the time considered it the most brutal crime Minneapolis had seen in the city's 45 years.

Thank-you letters from 1915 point back to unlikely hero

U.S. humanitarian aid had poured into Belgium — including tons of wheat milled in Minnesota — before the United States joined World War I.

WWII co-pilot, 98, bailed out over Berlin as he became a dad

When Ken Micko's daughter was being born in 1945, he was parachuting out of his flaming B-24 over Berlin.

St. Paul librarian opened eyes with 1930s community theater

Donald Singerman made his community theater group, the Grotto Players, into a force.

Abigail Hunt Snelling Chaplin was more than a helpmate at the early years of the fort bearing her name

A look at the pioneer woman, who arrived at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers 200 years ago.

Game warden shot fisherman, walked in 1900 murder case

Two unemployed telegraph linemen looking for work on St. Paul’s East Side happened upon a deadly confrontation on the Mississippi River on Sept. 19, 1900.…

Japanese-American nurses traded WWII camps for Rochester

St. Marys School of Nursing won military approval to train nurses of Japanese heritage living in internment camps.

Two Minnesota brothers, side by side, gave all in WWII

The bleeding heart plant, with its pink heart-shaped flowers, was first grown by Elizabeth Style Sullivan's grandmother. Liz's mother, Mary Style, subsequently transplanted some in…

Pioneering St. Paul police lieutenant took down crooks, gender walls

During a 36-year career, Carolen Bailey served as a homicide investigator and vice squad commander before working with the state.