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Prince's film career didn't exactly soar after "Purple Rain," but his prospects may have changed if the late legend had accepted the role of Ruby Rhod in 1997's "The Fifth Element." The part eventually went to Chris Tucker, the "Rush Hour" star who lent some perspective behind the late legend's decision during his stand-up performance Saturday at Treasure Island Casino.

Tucker said Prince once asked to see him during a party and told the comedian why he turned down the part.

"'I didn't like the clothes,'" recalled Tucker during a performance in which he did energetic impersonations of the musician, Bill Clinton, Ice Cube, Donald Trump, Wesley Snipes and "Rush Hour" co-star Jackie Chan.

He also shared anecdotes about the rivalry between Prince and his good friend Michael Jackson, who invited him once to secretly watch one of Prince's Las Vegas shows. Tucker said that after one concert, he tried to ask Prince about the tension between the two. Prince's response?

"He called security on me," Tucker said.