See more of the story A blast of arctic air will descend across northern and central Europe Thursday and Friday. Meanwhile, a series of storms will track across southern Europe.

The result will be widespread cold and snow.

Snow will accumulate as far south as southern France, northern Spain and northern Italy. Cities like Paris and London will have a couple of bouts of accumulating snow through the weekend.

Recent snow have caused trouble across England and northern France. Early last week, traffic between France and England was brought to a standstill.

Widespread travel delays can be expected with the upcoming winter weather.

Snows have already started across the U.K. As much as 8 inches of snow fell across Wales Tuesday. Normal snowfall in Paris and London is less than 10 inches. The normal winter snowfall could be exceeded by the end of the weekend.

The cold pattern will likely hold through the first full week of 2010.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel.