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Chip Scoggins is a sports columnist and enterprise writer for the Star Tribune. He previously covered the Vikings, Gophers football, Wild, Wolves and high school sports in nearly 19 years at the paper.

Scoggins was born in Missouri but moved to Tennessee when he was only a few months old and lived there until he was 20. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree. He worked at newspapers in Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Chicago before joining the Star Tribune in 2000.

D-II, D-III sports restart could rest on NCAA testing rules decision

If the NCAA mandates that colleges test athletes three times per week, Minnesota schools will need to figure our how to get access and pay for thousands of tests.

Scoggins: Things may get weird, but it's good to have college football back

Every scout team member is a potential starter. The No. 3 quarterback might be running onto the field at some point. It's not ideal, but this is what we wanted.

Scoggins: For starters, Gophers' defense, special teams weren't remotely capable

An overmatched defense and absurd special teams — caused by COVID-19 absences and injuries — turned a highly anticipated opener into a one-sided contest. Michigan's offense basically did whatever it wanted all game.

Scoggins: New faces, external factors bring uncertainty to U defense

Defenses in college football already play on a slanted field. How quickly the Gophers' new-look unit matures will determine whether P.J. Fleck's program takes the next step and wins the Big Ten West.

Scoggins: Gophers, Big Ten about to join football's season of chaos

"This is a completely different animal," Gophers coach P.J. Fleck said. "It's preparing for ghosts, preparing for the unknown. You just have to be ready for it."

Chip Scoggins' 20 thoughts on the 2020 college football season

Welcome to the weirdest college football season on record.

Scoggins: What was Sid like? There's no simple way to answer

There is no adequate way to describe what it's like to work with Sid Hartman, but he was certainly a special colleague.

Scoggins: Vikings can't convert fourth down ... and down to defeat they went

The game offered a basket full of headline-worthy developments, but coach Mike Zimmer's decision with two minutes to play will receive the most scrutiny.

Scoggins: Kendricks is a rock in the middle of Vikings defense

Any down, any situation, Eric Kendricks is the rock in middle of Vikings defense

Scoggins: NFL's COVID outbreak inevitable, but a bubble is unrealistic

The weekend's on-the-fly schedule changes were an inevitable outcome in the precarious pursuit of playing a full pro football season, however crass that might sound.