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Introduction: Host Michael Rand starts with the Twins, who won again Thursday with a familiar recent formula. Carlos Correa has been on fire at the plate, and he delivered three more hits in a 6-2 win over Oakland. Joe Ryan, the Twins' best starting pitcher all season, added seven strong innings. The Twins need that from their elite players, and they have been delivering lately. Plus Rand gets into the Falcons' penalty for tampering with Kirk Cousins and Trevor Lawrence's big new deal.

8:00: Star Tribune Gophers men's basketball writer Marcus Fuller joins the show to talk about another offseason with a lot of roster turnover. Can a senior-heavy team filled with holdovers and newcomers find chemistry quickly next season? Plus Fuller has thoughts on new college sports rules and the NBA draft.

36:00: Rand implores the Wolves to pick a rotation-ready player in the draft.

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