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We moved to this beautiful cabin 10 years ago after spending 11 rustic, solar-powered years farther up the North Shore. We never looked back.

It turned into a "Log Cabin Concerts" venue for me to perform. We invite people into our home to hear my music. Much of it was written here on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

We moved from the Twin Cities more than 21 years ago, leaving my music scene after many decades. Things naturally evolved into a wonderful, new lifestyle: staying home and playing in my own home. This cabin also has shaped my music. "Time to Get Away" is the name of my most recent recording. Lots of fun gatherings here over the past 10 years, with about 20 shows a year right here. I play my Seaton guitars, handcrafted here on the Gunflint Trail with 200-year-old salvaged wood from the bottom of Lake Superior. I sit by the fire, skijor with my puppy, Pucky, in the winter and hike in summer. I am happy to travel to the Twin Cities as necessary to do my other shows, which make me appreciate being able to be here and also looking forward to spring. The cabin is really a year-round getaway, and makes an excellent escape.

Michael Monroe and Debra Mueller, Grand Marais