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C.J. Sinner is the data visuals editor for the Star Tribune, working at the intersection of data, design and digital storytelling to build experiences that explain issues through charts and maps. 

Sinner is a central-Minnesota native with family roots in North Dakota. She previously worked in Bismarck, New York City and around New Zealand before moving back to the Twin Cities. She's a graduate of the University of Minnesota and Columbia University, and teaches part-time at the U's journalism school. She lives in St. Paul with her husband and enjoys being outdoors in all seasons, whether that's a walk through the neighborhood, a day of snowshoeing, or a long backpacking trip.

Native American voters across Minnesota turned out to oust Trump

Vote totals were up around Red Lake, and 90% for Biden.

Wait, so where in Minnesota did Kanye get all his votes?

Mr. Kardashian pulled in more than 7,000 votes from around our fair state.

Biden recaptures lost ground as many Minnesota counties move left

Despite several visits from President Donald Trump hoping to win Minnesota, the electorate favored former vice president Joe Biden, delivering him the win in a handful of counties that evaded Hillary Clinton in 2016. Where Trump prevailed, his win margin was tighter in regional population centers, while it grew in some of the most rural parts of the North Star State.

Biden wins Minn., Wis., Mich.; presidency hangs on battleground races

Voters have cast their ballots after a long, divisive presidential campaign between Republican President Donald Trump and former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden. In addition…

An election like no other: Tracking Minnesota's early voting

With nearly 2 million absentee votes already accepted, Minnesotans are trending well ahead of previous election early voting.

Minnesota election results 2020: Presidential race by precinct

Minnesota election results 2020: Courts and local races

Minnesota election results 2020

Map of Minneapolis businesses damaged, looted after night of unrest

Fire officials are investigating the apparent torching of four retail outlets overnight that expanded the destruction well beyond the city's core.

See which neighborhoods carried Ilhan Omar to victory in DFL primary

She pulled in strong support from most precincts in Minneapolis, but newcomer Antone Melton-Meaux managed to earn more than 60,000 votes in the race.