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Friday morning on Twitter has already been good for two reasons:

1) When I woke up, Twitter was still working despite doomsday predictions of its imminent demise at the hands of Elon Musk.

2) Interactions between Twins outfielder Byron Buxton and several fans from Thursday were brought to my attention.

The Twins' official account promoted Friday's 11:30 a.m. jersey reveal at Mall of America, tagging Buxton and several other high-profile teammates who will be in attendance for the big announcement.

Fans got snarky, with a couple of them tweeting that they hope Buxton doesn't injure himself during the event. Buxton, who often goes months at a time between tweets, hopped into the fray and started firing off replies.

He bristled at the idea that Friday is a fashion show: You mean the ones you can't get in without being invited or have invitations? Those are FASHION SHOWS! This is a reveal of our new jerseys . EVERYBODY INVITED!!! If 30 minutes is a fashion show then you must be one miserable person behind this screen. Prayers for you.

Later in the same thread, Buxton wrote: "You wanna-be fans are clowns to me."

He seemed to carry at least a little of that energy into Friday's big reveal, when he spoke to reporters at Mall of America about how much he likes the new look and appreciated how fans in attendance showed enthusiasm for the redesign.

"It was wonderful, especially after all the wanna be Twins fans yesterday hating on the jerseys, the leaked jerseys, stuff like that," Buxton said. "You never know what you're going to see until you finally see it. Don't assume anything. Hopefully they learned a good lesson."