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Intro: Host Michael Rand dissects the Wolves-related events Thursday — namely the trade (again) of Ricky Rubio and the decision not to jump into an NBA Draft in which they held no picks at the start of the evening. While the Rubio deal for Taurean Prince, a second-round pick and some cap room is hardly a blockbuster, it has benefits for the Wolves. And let's face it: Rubio was a subpar player for a lot of last season and wasn't going to be here much longer regardless.

12:00: Alex Goligoski, the headliner among three defensemen already signed by the Wild in free agency, joins the show to talk about returning to Minnesota to play professionally and how excited he is about the Wild's prospects this season. And happy birthday to Goligoski, the former Gophers standout, who turned 36 on Friday.

25:00: Another look at the MLB trade deadline, which is fast-approaching at 3 p.m. Friday. The Twins have only made one deal so far. That figures to change as the day goes on.

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